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How to send friend request in Facebook- Get ways or steps

Have you new to Facebook and don’t have any idea to send friend request?  There are step by step instructions will help you to get started with adding friends to your Facebook account.

There are some easy and quick instructions given below which can help you:

  • First of all, open your web browser and go to the

  • Now enter your email ID and password into the given box to login.

  • There are many ways in which you send a friend request to someone. Type the name or an email ID which you want to add into the Search box and after that, click on the Add Friend option.

  • You can also click on someone’s name in comment box or post to send them a friend request.

  • Now click on the Friends icon which is available at the top right corner and after that, click on the Find Friends to view the list of Facebook’s people.

  • You can also choose People You May know option to send friend request.

  • After watching someone’s pfrofile click on the Add Friend icon to complete the process.

Are you facing technical issues while sending a friend request in Facebook with the above mentioned instructions? Then don’t be depressed and contact Facebook email customer service to avail the technical assistance. The technicians in Facebook supportive team are highly skilled and they have a sea of knowledge to ward off multiple technical issues within a few time circle. You can avail this service at 24/7 hours.


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Get simple procedure to uninstall Windows 10 app

The windows 10 is the most recent operating system which helps the users to get all the benefits of the computing system. It comes with different features which make it very easy for the users to get the benefits of different apps on it and enjoy all its services.

There could be different apps which users can get on their system to work on. In order to get these apps uninstall from the system, users need to go through the given steps to get it done

  • Go to the start menu
  • Select the option of all apps
  • Find the program which you want to uninstall
  • Right click on the app and select the option of uninstall
  • If you are uninstalling the app from the desktop program then select it from control panel
  • A pop-up will appear which will ask you for the uninstall process
  • Go to the settings option and select the option of app and settings to uninstall it from there
  • Hit the uninstall option to get it done

Once the app is uninstalled, users won’t be able to get it back on their system and work on it. Users can get the windows 10 customer service  helping them to get the solution for their issues.

How To Uninstall Firefox On Mac 1855 865 3803

If Mozilla Firefox is your preferred web browser and you use it frequently then you should note down our US Toll-free number +1855 865 3803 to get renowned technical support by expert technicians for all types of Mozilla Firefox errors and bugs. Our certified technician will diagnose your PC for free to find out the root cause of the Mozilla Firefox problem occurred during web surfing/browsing or at another time and get it repaired quickly.


Uninstall Firefox

Uninstall Firefox
Computer Running Slow
How To Uninstall Firefox
How To Uninstall Firefox On Mac
Computer Running So Slow

Uninstall Firefox
Computer Running Slow
How To Uninstall Firefox
How To Uninstall Firefox On Mac
Computer Running So Slow